The permanent lab

We started working together in March 2016, taking media manipulation as the starting point. After months of exploration and rehearsals, going deep into this subject, we ended up approaching work from two complementary prisms: on one hand, the theoretica.

About the dramaturgy

The ‘mud’ which drama emerges from, and in which it continues sinking week after week, has been particularly fertile for reflection, but especially for honest reflection, the one that causes surprise because it hurts, and that hurts because it represents us.


The (non) place

The collective FANGO is not rooted in a permanent space. FANGO is a generator of ideas, pieces, stage proposals, videos and actions that can be developed in different places or non-places. If the spaces themselves already.


1. Create a space for artistic research.

2. Be receptive to what is happening in the world.

3. Be honest in the pursuit.

4. Work with serenity.

5. Be committed.

6. To inhabit the present.

7. Raise critical thinking.

8. Care for and respect each other.

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