We are an interdisciplinary collective in full search of a human and an artistic identity. For us, this search is a political tool; a way both to connect with reality and to resist the dizzying.
Deepening in ourselves, in who we feel we are, without wanting to articulate immediacy and the compulsion of that very same reality in which we are living. Comfortable results out of it, is something that liberates us and gives us hope.


Be Festival, July 2018 More info

Centro Dramático Nacional Madrid, March 2018 More info

Festival LMDP-Theatre and New Technologies, November 2017 More info

Festival Surge Madrid, May 2017 More info

Sala exlímite, Madrid, December, 2019.

Work in Progress: – Festival Clásicos en Alcalá , Vivero Clásico, June, 2018  More info

Laboratorio de creación permanente en la sala exlímite, Madrid.


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Create a space for artistic research.

Be receptive to what is happening in the world.

Be honest in the pursuit.

Work with serenity.

Be committed.

To inhabit the present.

Raise critical thinking.

Care for and respect each other.