F.O.M.O. is an acronym that stands for: fear of missing out. It is defined as the fear of missing out on something great or being excluded. This phobia, deeply linked to the digital world and hyper-connectivity, affects the vast majority of the adult population in developed countries…

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After investigating the fear of social exclusion in F.O.M.O. There arose the desire to deepen the social connection from a very different prism: our tribal nature. In this way we reformulate the questions that guided F.O.M.O. What generates in us…


Premier at Festival Surge Madrid at Sala Cuarta Pared, May, 2019. More info
Work in Progress: – Festival Clásicos en Alcalá , Vivero Clásico, June, 2018  More info
Laboratorio de creación permanente en la sala Ex-Límite, Madrid.
– Festival Surge Madrid, May 2017 More info
– Festival LMDP-Theatre and New Technologies, November 2017 More info
– Temporada Centro Dramático Nacional Madrid, March 2018 More info
– Be Festival, July 2018 More info


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