The new project of Colectivo Fango, supported by the “Ayudas a la creación del ayuntamiento de Madrid”, Teatro de la Abadía and the space exlímite is part of the season 20-21 from Teatros del Canal, Madrid – Spain.

Coproduccion: Teatros del Canal
Colaboration: Teatro de La Abadia

”Three are the times: the present of things in the past, the present of things in the present, and the present of things to come.” San Agustín 

LA ESPERA is a project that was born as the closure of a trilogy about the search for identity through time.

Our first show F.O.M.O. covered what St. Augustin calls the present, focusing on the change of paradigm that the digital society implies. The second piece TRIBU, the collective takes a journey to the origin, memory and past. This third piece LA ESPERA closes the trilogy and focuses its narrative on the promise of that future that is yet to come.

And if the future is not yet here, how can we tell what doesn’t exist yet?


Through this emptiness generated by the fact of waiting, the different members of the team disengage from a central chorus giving rise to a universe of ferocious, vehement and at times erratic acts.

A punk evangelist priest who seeks to transmit hope, motivation and inspiration to her great audience and does not measure efforts to reach her goal.

An apocalyptic world in which people dance in solitude trying to get in touch with the divine through a digital platform.

A person who, in the middle of the Miss Universe contest, rebels against the inevitable aging process of her body and her fear of dying.

A woman who receives a visit from extraterrestrials in which she will contact her ancestors to ask them for help in facing the wait that invades her life.

A man who waits for the birth of God in his soul so that he can hold on to a faith that will comfort him, lose his fear of death and rise again like Jesus Christ himself.

The space becomes at the same time a religious temple, a discotheque and a stage. For us, in short, a home and a celebration of life.

An act of cathartic creation by the collective itself in which we reflect on the nature of our work and the meaning of the artistic act itself as a generator of fiction, crossing the narrative of the self to the universal .

Death, the celebration of life, faith and the divine appear as recurrent themes.

We sing of waiting, of life, of the imagination of a possible future. And since we cannot tell the future because it has not yet been, we tell the wait for it.

In the end, art is also a desire for the future.

LA ESPERA is a project connected with what is happening in our world at this moment. The development of science and technology nowadays has radically changed our way of perceiving time and waiting. On the other hand, advances in the field of medicine are delaying aging and increasing our life expectancy, thus also transforming our experience of the temporal and the finite.

What place does the mystery occupy in the information age? What substitutes for God and faith appear?

What role will nature and the planet play in the future we hope for? And the body?