“there is no politic that is not the bodies’ politics” Michel Foucault 

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L i m b o is one of the 10 works about and from confinement that will be part of the 38th Autumn Festival in the framework of the #Confín initiative.

An actress, two actors, an audiovisual creative and a director, some of the artists that are part of Colectivo Fango, decide to create from the confinement of their residences, “Limbo”: a theatrical, performative, audiovisual piece to be presented to the call for a Theatre Festival.

The spectator is invited to follow this process from within and witness the intimacy of the artists. Everything that happens is transformed into possible material for the project that will be immersed in the investigation of my body, my frontier?

“Limbo” places us on the border between the real world and the fantastic world. Fiction and reality coexist in a nebulous, strange space. But in times of pandemic and confinement, what is “the real”? What are the new walls being built? Are we willing to implode the established, deliberately mutate and “reveal” ourselves from creativity?

Project’s description

Colectivo Fango in October 2019 begins its new work of creation on “the wait” that closes the trilogy that we started with F.O.M.O – Fear of Missing Out – and we continue with TRIBU.

If the first piece was linked to the present and the second to the past, LA ESPERA focuses its narrative on the promise of that future that is yet to come. With the arrival of Covid-19, like all working groups, we were banished from our rehearsal space. The first thing we did was to meet again through Hangouts to see each other, talk to each other, listen to each other and know that we were all right.

From then on, we made the decision to keep our 4 hours a week of artistic residency.  Suddenly, our house had become our creative space. The theme we had been working on was resignified.

The table work is more present than ever. We exchanged and discussed articles, essays, films, poems, music. We shared anecdotes, dreams, fears, desires. We review and rediscover the first texts that emerged before the pandemic. In short, we keep the fire going and at the end of each session we make a toast. Confined dramaturgy.

With the announcement of the Autumn Festival, a proposal arises naturally that, without being totally conscious, has been macerated since the beginning of the confinement. A proposal that fits in with our line of work and at the same time, mobilizes our conventional idea of creative production.

We want to share our creative process, not as a documentary archive, but we want to immerse ourselves in a process that questions the limits of reality and fiction, where it is difficult to differentiate what is part of our lives and what is part of the artistic experience. To allow us to be ambiguous, playful, flexible, honest, unfaithful.

To lie in the absolute truths, to sin of brutal sincerity with shameless lies. Who can distinguish what is real or not? From this prism, we want to tell the story of a creation; the creation of a piece about what our cloistered bodies are living. We ask ourselves, how are the politics of confinement in bodies, spaces and times being materialized and embodied? With this starting point, the performers make their proposals.

3 performers in search of 3 fantasy’s pieces


I’m turning into a deer. I have discovered two small bumps on my head that are starting to grow and I am convinced that it is a antler. I don’t know if it’s exactly a deer or a roe deer, a mouflon, a mountain goat. What is certain is that I am mutating and soon I will be part of the animal kingdom. I would like to leave a video document of this process, at least as long as I retain the human language or the hooves don’t prevent me from giving the REC.

It is a story that talks about mutation as an escape route from confinement and from the virus itself. The body is transformed in the face of the possibility of death and does so supported by the idea of nature as a transforming and saving agent.


My life in the shower. In this intimate space, the sensations generated by the water, the steam, the sounds, the touch, take me to a kind of trance where I hear a deeper voice, with another texture to the frantic noise that drills my head. In this habitat, thoughts come to me more clearly, with fewer filters. I am at peace.

I compare this texture of thought with what happens to me when I am in nature, in front of the sea, in front of a mountain, in a forest. My inner noise stops, I can hear myself.


I want so much. My wishes are endless. They inhabit exaggeration. Where is my border now? Where is the fantastic in me? Where am I in the pandemic? I want to live in non-sense mode. No one knows what my body is capable of. What can be absurd in Covid-19’s time? I have time to explore my irony, to play with words, to produce unrealities. Is there logic in my body? Super producing to evolve!

How can I reach the absurd, the comical, the tragic at the same time? Can I read 3 books at the same time, make a video call, watch an important video, write a new text, answer the 500 messages of Whatsapp, do yoga, cook, eat, shower, fuck? I don’t have the time.

Combined Arts

We propose to explore the audiovisual world from our confinement to then generate a dialogue between what is created at home and the stage.  The first idea would be to record our work sessions, sharing the creative process, taking into account that the process itself writes the dramaturgy of “Limbo”.

Finally, the desire of the collective is to cross the threshold of the projection of the piece, to be able to combine the creation with our interventions in the theatre. Danilo – photographer, dancer, video artist -, our fifth element, will connect and guide us through the multiple technological possibilities, bringing ideas and debate to the work.

“We are now the ones living in the limbo of our own home detention center,” wrote Paul B. Precious. Let’s get out of limbo. Let’s throw ourselves into the mud.


The members of Fango en L i m b o are Camilo Vásquez, Manuel Minaya, Rafuska Marks, Trigo Gómez and Danilo Moroni.