F.O.M.O. is an acronym that stands for: fear of missing out. It is defined as the fear of missing out on something great or being excluded. This phobia, deeply linked to the digital world and hyper-connectivity, affects the vast majority of the adult population in developed countries.

F.O.M.O. is structured in independent pieces that reflect different forms of relationship with this phobia and that above all, portray ourselves. This journey has an unconnected character, as is the narration of our identity in a society on the brink of neurosis and that has its paradigm in hyperconnectivity.

We attend different individual or group moments where we witness this fear from different points of view: a woman compulsively explores her own self-image, a man confesses his insatiability during an online sex session, an actress obeys without limits a multitude of orders during a Skype casting, a woman performs an almost epileptic dance that in order to eliminate her body fat, someone is physically tortured to alleviate the guilt she feels for not being sufficiently connected to the world, a man dedicates a bolt to The death of Europe and a discourse dedicated to healthy food is transformed into a bacchanal of oats.


Interpreters: Ángela Boix, Fabia Castro, Trigo Gómez, Rafuska Marks, Manuel Minaya / Director: Camilo Vásquez / Dramaturgical coordinator: Sergio Martínez Vila / Technical director: Juan Miguel Alcarria / Stage designer: Silvia de Marta / Costume designer: Elisa Vidal Riezu.  More info


  • “Confined dramaturgy: Fango share their first play for free, F.O.M.O”. Custodio Pastor. El País
  • “F.O.M.O. is a powerful and lively creation, full of imagination, delivery and risk.” Juan Ignacio García Garzón. ABC
  • “F.O.M.O. calls us and, best of all, it does so without morals or commonplaces …The result is a ballmade of a thousand small pains.” Juan Losa. El público
  • “The staging of F.O.M.O. represents another step in the slow incorporation into the Spanish theater of new lifestyles or ways of acting, unusual until a few years ago.” Rafael Fuentes. El imparcial
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  • Festival LMDP de Teatro y Nuevas tecnologías en Cerdeña, Italia ganadores de la edición 2017.




  •  Festival Surge Madrid, May 2017 More info
  • Festival LMDP-Theatre and New Technologies, November 2017 More info
  • Temporada Centro Dramático Nacional Madrid, March 2018 More info
  • Be Festival, July 2018 More info