"“F.O.M.O.” is a powerful and lively creation, full of imagination, delivery and risk."
"F.O.M.O. calls us and, best of all, it does so without morals or commonplaces ... ... The result is a ballmade of a thousand small pains."
"A direct and aggressive look, in a good way.... Surprising."
"The staging of F.O.M.O. represents another step in the slow incorporation into the Spanish theater of new lifestyles or ways of acting, unusual until a few years ago."
"The mobile phone, for once, is welcome in the theater ... although as a dramaturgical tool."
"F.O.M.O is like an accurate claw in the depths of oneself. But it also a wound that leaves the valuesystem of an entire society shaking."
"....it is exactly what is expected from a show of contemporary stage creation: something that hits, punches the stomach and kicks you in the face (and from a simplicity and cleanliness of staggering staging). Absorbent"
"Everything F.O.M.O. describes is terrible and real. This montage could be part of the New Theater that Pasolini described."
"F.O.M.O. places the viewer before a mirror and invites you to reflect on it ... currently one of the best shows in the billboard of Madrid"​
"A surprising scene which shakes consciences at the hand of the FANGO Collective."
"The fear that paralyses us achieves the greatest scenic impact in Surge Madrid...very carnal despite speaking a lot about digital worlds... the five interpreters often make the audience feel touched and uncomfortable"
"Yesterday I attended one of the most surprising, unpredictable and brave representations I have ever seen. I can finally say: yesterday I saw what has never been seen in a theatre"